Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Planning and Building Control are two separate departments within a local authority.  Depending on your proposals, it may be necessary to submit separate applications to each department. 

Building Regulations 

Building Regulations are a set of national standards that are in place relating to all aspects of a building’s construction.  Building Regulations make sure that buildings are safe, energy efficient and accessible to all people, including those with disabilities.  

In most cases, any construction work will require Building Regulation approval.

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Planning Permission 

When new buildings are constructed, major changes to existing buildings are made or significant changes are made to the local environment, it is often necessary to obtain consent from the local council.  This is known as Planning Permission.  This ensures that buildings are not constructed in an inappropriate manner and that consideration is given to the needs of the people who live and work in the area. 

The Planning Department of your local council is responsible for deciding whether any new development or changes to existing buildings can go ahead.  

It is not always necessary to obtain Planning Permission for domestic extensions as some works are classed as Permitted Development.

For more information regarding Planning Permission, you can contact your local authority or visit the Planning Portal website.

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