Professional Home Extensions

Creating your perfect home is achievable but there are various factors to consider.  We can help you decide if you should renovate, convert, extend or build your own home from scratch.

Consider the way you live in your home now and think about where it doesn’t quite work.  For instance, do you regularly cook for friends but find yourself stuck in the kitchen while your guests sit in another room enjoying themselves? Do the children share a bedroom when they are really ready for their own space? Do you have a dining room you only use at Christmas which might be better used as a home office?

The first step is to decide which route you want to follow to improve your home.  Whether you want to extend your property to create a bigger kitchen or convert unused loft space into an extra bedroom, we can help you to build the home of your dreams.  


A single storey extension is a popular choice if you require more living space.


A double extension can provide an extra bedroom or bathroom.


Kitchen extensions can help create an open plan space or provide a utility room.


Adding a dormer loft extension will allow you to add a new bedroom or office.

Single Extension

If you feel like you don’t have enough space at home and you don’t want to move house, extending your property is an option.  An extension is much cheaper and easier than moving house!  Extensions can either be single or two storey and we can advise and assist you depending on your needs.      

A single storey kitchen extension is a popular choice. Design And Draughting Services will explore your options and design the extension that works best for you.


Double Extension

If space allows, a two-storey extension is an option.  This will allow you to have twice the additional living space which would allow for the creation of an extra bedroom, a second bathroom or a new home office.  


Kitchen Extension

When extending your kitchen, there are several options.  Whether you want more space for preparing food, room for dining, a utility room or views of your garden, we can help.    


Loft Extension

It's not uncommon for the loft or attic to be the most underused space in the house.  This is not only wasting space but also limits your home’s potential.  Why not make better use of the space with a loft extension which will allow you to create a new bedroom or office?   A dormer loft extension could be added if more space is required.  


The Process




We will produce designdrawings of your new space within 7 to 10 working days. 

We will offer various options and will allow you to choose what is best for you.  

Once you are happy, we will provide you with large format paper copies and electronic copies.


If needed, we will submit the drawings to the local council for planning permission and building regulations.  We will liaise with the planning department and will resolve any problems.


We will inform you when permission has been granted. 

You may then instruct your builder to carry out the work on your dream home. 

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